Alyssa Milano

who's the boss, charmed

Stepping into Alyssa's Los Angeles home in mid-October for our scheduled photoshoot, I was met with the most impressive Halloween decorations I had ever seen. If the ambiance of a shoot could be judged by decor alone, I was already anticipating a fantastic time, sensing that Ms. Milano possessed a delightful sense of humor. After setting up the studio in her entryway along with my assistant, Bethany, we engaged in a conversation where she casually mentioned not having had a headshot taken since the '90s! The pressure was undoubtedly on. Of course, this pressure was self-imposed.

As she finalized her hair and makeup, we discussed wardrobe choices and dove into the shoot. If I were to sum up the outcome of this session in a single word, it would be "striking." Working with a seasoned professional like Alyssa, who's both charming and graceful is what makes my job truly enjoyable.