ashley scott

into the blue | the last of us

Embarking on a photoshoot with Ashley was an adventure right from the moment we were introduced through text messages. Her humor had me in stitches from day one, setting the stage for what I knew would be an enjoyable session. We rendezvoused at a studio in Burbank, where the atmosphere was nothing short of lively. Craft services, comprising of bottles of water and a handful of Starbursts, set the tone for a laid-back shoot. Collaboratively choosing her wardrobe, the realization that Ashley also had experience as a print model added an extra layer of ease to the process. What I initially perceived as a stress-free and fun shoot turned out to be just that and more.

At the time, I unknowingly drew a parallel between Ashley and Terry Farrell, another accomplished print model. Once Ashley revealed her background, I felt even more fortunate. Having your photo taken is no small feat, but Ashley's talent made it appear utterly effortless. My admiration for print models and actors skyrocketed, acknowledging the challenges they navigate with finesse—an endeavor I know I couldn't undertake (that's an elegant way to say I'm awkward).

Below, you'll find some of my favorite shots, including a couple where Ashley thinks she looks angry, and I perceive it as "artistically intense."