christina arquette

producer of "way down bundy", "12 hour shift", "they call me magic"

I genuinely can't recall a photoshoot where laughter played such a central role as it did with Christina. Following a shoot featuring her husband, we opted for a similar style session but soon found ourselves sidetracked by capturing playful images of her wearing a clown nose (that's a long story) and having fun moments with her dog, Buster, who joined us for most of the shoot. While studio shots were part of the plan, we were eager to explore her farm for more playful opportunities.

Unsurprisingly, the laughter and hilarity persisted in the outdoor setting. I can't express enough how many fantastic shots we captured during this session. I know I often say that, but I genuinely mean it every time. Below, you'll find some carefully chosen selections that I believe encapsulate our collaborative work exceptionally well.