David Arquette

scream, never been kissed, friends

Collaborating with David Arquette was an incredibly enjoyable experience. I journeyed to his farm, where we set up in his art studio. While there, I noticed a toy on display that my grandfather also owned and which has been a cherished item in my family for years. Excitedly, I exclaimed, "David, holy crap! My family has that exact same bartender toy!" To my astonishment, he replied, "That's amazing! That is actually my grandfather!" It dawned on me that an email from my dad, mentioning Charlie Weaver, a character portrayed by David's grandfather, was connected to the "Charlie Weaver" named on this bar toy. It felt like fate.

After wrapping up the studio shots, we ventured out to explore his farm, capturing images of David with the animals and some candid shots of just the animals. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience, and the photographs below are a testament to the fun we had.