david koechner

anchorman, the office

This undertaking with David Koechner unfolded across two nights, encompassing a three-fold approach. Initially, we aimed to capture portraits of him portraying "Todd Packer," his character from The Office, as he embarked on a tour featuring trivia nights in-character. Subsequently, we sought shots of him as himself for his personal promotional material. Lastly, we needed to document him live on stage, a task made simpler by his performance at a nearby comedy club.

The challenge arose when it came to securing a location for my mobile studio to capture the portraits. The comedy club lacked spacious, private areas away from the public eye. So, where did we end up executing this phase? In a supply closet, believe it or not! Sandwiched between broken-down bar stools and staff purses and coats, David was a fantastic sport about it. The remarkable part? You'd never guess the unconventional setting by looking at these photos!