jason ladanye

world renown card magician

I don't get Jason. Literally.

I've been fortunate enough to witness some truly incredible magicians in my time, even participating once in a trick with David Copperfield in Vegas. However, Jason takes magic and specifically, card magic to a whole new level that continues to boggle my mind. His skills are absolutely astonishing. What added an extra layer of enjoyment to this shoot was the fact that Jason is not only a phenomenal magician but also an incredibly skilled photographer. Collaborating on setting up shots and scenes became a fun and seamless process.

One particular shot that stands out is the one where he's holding the Ace of Spades. I expressed my desire for a unique shot without resorting to clichés, and Jason, in his mysterious brilliance, directed his assistant to retrieve the Ace of Spades, specifying it was the 11th card down. And it was! It left me in awe—how does he do it?

The showcased images represent just a glimpse of the edits I've worked on. Jason and I have exciting plans for these photos, and we're currently exploring various directions for further edits. If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and check him out on Instagram (@cardmagicbyjason). Watch his reels, and you'll understand exactly what I mean. Entertainment at its best. Just remind me to never play a game of poker with him.