Jason Priestley

Beverly Hills 90210 | call me fitz | private eyes

I had heard from several mutual friends, that Jason was an exceptionally nice guy, and I must say, the praise was well-founded. I know I often mention having the best clients, but with Jason, it was undeniably true. We had been planning a shoot for several months, and finally found a window of time between his busy shooting schedule and the Christmas festivities. Upon arriving at his home, we sat down over coffee to discuss the shoot, exchanged ideas, and took the opportunity to get to know each other better.

After our conversation, I set up my studio in his entryway, and we dove straight into work, with a few delightful distractions when I discovered he owned his own winery. Given my passion for wine, this naturally led to some breaks in shooting as I eagerly inquired more about his winery.

True to expectations, Jason was a delight to work with, and our collaborative effort is a testament to that. The resulting set of photos is fantastic, and I am eager to see how Jason uses them. I genuinely look forward to the prospect of working with him again in the future...he's my kind of people.

P.S. His wine is fantastic. He gifted me a few bottles of red. You can find it here.