Jeffrey Dean Morgan

the walking dead, the losers, the watchmen, Grey's anatomy

Jeffrey was that actor I'd always envisioned collaborating with. I had replayed this shoot countless times in my mind, but nothing could truly prepare me for how it would unfold. Upon arriving at Jeffrey's loft in NYC, he welcomed me with an exceptional cup of coffee, and great conversation as we took a moment to acquaint ourselves. As we delved into conversation, a surprising connection emerged – we both sported John Varvatos from head to toe, an unexpected but delightful commonality that sparked camaraderie. It turned out we shared more than just a fashion sense; our interests and perspectives aligned seamlessly.

The photoshoot seamlessly blended with our lively conversation. It felt less like a formal session and more like a casual hangout, playing with a camera as a side note. Jeffrey's ease in front of the lens made the shoot a breeze, and it seemed like we could have continued indefinitely. Regrettably but necessarily, I capped it at an hour session.

Exiting the loft, we stood along the city street, extending our conversation until our mutual friend Johnathon Schaech joined us. We exchanged hugs and gratitude for a shoot well done. Jeffrey proved not only to be an outstanding actor but also a true gentleman—a class act in every sense.