Jennifer Jo Cobb

NASCAR Driver | team owner | public speaker

During this particular photoshoot with Jennifer, I had already worn the hats of a friend, confidant, team photographer, team designer, team manager, and even pitched in to change tires on her pit crew in St. Louis. To say that this shoot was enjoyable is an understatement. As we approached the 2020 season, marking her 10th anniversary as a NASCAR driver, we knew it was going to be a monumental year. The stage was set, goals were established, and the shoot commenced.

These studio shots reflect the camaraderie of two friends who have always relished each other's company, supported one another through thick and thin, and know how to have a great time together. I've also included some candid track shots captured over the years.

I'm under contract with Jennifer to tell the story of how we were on a friends boat for the Fourth of July in Georgia as the motor caught fire and we couldn't stop laughing in the face of pending doom. However, that'll be a story for another time...