Tim Allen

home improvement, last man standing, santa clause, toy story

Every project presents its unique challenges, usually not substantial enough to cause stress, but nevertheless notable. However, this particular job sparked some nerves for me. What many people may not be aware of regarding Tim, something I discovered during a delightful dinner with him and his family a few months prior, is that he's an exceptional photographer with a keen understanding and passion for cameras, their mechanics, and the art of composition. Combine that and the fact that I only had one opportunity to get the desired shots as this was a "one night only" show - the pressure was certainly on, though it was all self-imposed. It's essential to note that Tim never added any undue pressure on me. In fact he was beyond grateful for having me there. Collaborating with him felt as effortless as our casual social interactions.

What I opted to do was leverage my knowledge of Tim's photography passion in addition to the shot list I was provided. I crafted the shoot in a style that I knew he enjoyed, while also incorporating elements needed by his producer and publicist. It presented a welcome challenge!

These photos were taken at The Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan.