alaa khaled

actor | producer

My encounter with Alaa unfolded serendipitously, a chance meeting brought about by circumstance. He welcomed me as I arrived at Alyssa Milano's house for her photoshoot. Engaging in conversation during the setup, I discovered that Alaa was not only a familiar face but also an actor and producer. Following the shoot with Ms. Milano, he generously assisted me in carrying equipment to my car, and during our conversation, the idea of collaborating on a shoot together emerged.

Returning to Los Angeles a few weeks later, we set up a session in a Burbank studio that I frequently work out of. The shoot was a delight, marked by collaborative efforts on wardrobe and a curated shot list. We decided on a balanced mix, incorporating standard industry "headshots" alongside more dramatic portraits, a style for which I am better known.

The sheer number of outstanding shots we captured during this session still leaves me astonished. After finishing a day's of photoshoots at the studio, we reconvened for drinks in Alaa's part of town, where he graciously showed me around, introducing me to some of the coolest bars I have ever come across. The camaraderie and creativity that stemmed from our collaboration extended beyond the studio, making it a memorable and enjoyable experience.