Butch Walker

The Marvelous 3, singer, songwriter, producer

They often advise against meeting your heroes, but on this particular day, I decided to challenge that notion. My admiration for Butch has been a constant since my college days (we'll skip over how long ago that was). His music has been a source of inspiration, laughter, and even the occasional tear.

Getting the opportunity to work with Butch was an assignment I never really considered would come across my desk. When the day arrived, my excitement was palpable. Stepping into his studio, I was pleasantly surprised to find Butch incredibly nice, hospitable, and remarkably humble. We kicked off the shoot with some Christmas music in the background, setting the perfect vibe (I should clarify, it was December after all, it's not like he just randomly listens to Burl Ives).

The shoot felt inspired and seamless from the onset. Breaking a professional rule, I couldn't resist sharing my genuine admiration with Butch mid-shoot however. "I apologize for momentarily setting aside my professionalism, but I've been a huge fan of yours for many, many years. This is a great honor," I confessed. To my delight, Butch responded with a genuine, "Thank you for saying that, man. [fist bump]. I appreciate you telling me that. And anyone who says they don't enjoy hearing it is full of shit." Need I say more about this guy?!

The editing process for these photos could have easily extended for months – we captured so many incredible shots. Here are just a few his and a few of my favorites.

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kind words From Butch Walker