Jimmy John Liautaud

founder of jimmy john's SANDWICHES

Meeting Jimmy was truly an extraordinary experience. His approachability, passion, and generosity were immediately apparent, rare qualities that become so evident in such a short span of time. Although our shoot with Jimmy was brief, it proved to be incredibly productive. Following the shoot, he graciously invited me and Johnathon Schaech, who accompanied me (and set up the shoot), downstairs to his restaurant for lunch. Over the meal, we delved deeper into Jimmy's background, discovering the challenges he had overcome, especially as a dyslexic, and gaining insights into his aspirations for the future.

The opportunity to connect on a personal level, share stories, and understand the journey that shaped him added a rich layer to our encounter. It was a meaningful experience that transcended the confines of a photoshoot, leaving a lasting impression of Jimmy's warmth and authenticity on both Johnathon and I.