My introduction to Johnathon came through our shared friend, DB Sweeney. After exchanging texts and organizing a shoot, it became evident from the outset that we would easily connect.

Venturing to a studio I frequently use in the German district of Nashville, TN, Johnathon and I wasted no time diving into work upon his arrival. Throughout the shoot, our conversations spanned from our shared experiences with dyslexia as artists to topics like football and family. Johnathon's authenticity and kindness left a lasting impression on me; he is genuinely one of the most considerate individuals I've ever encountered.

The energy of the shoot hinted at something more to come, though I couldn't quite pinpoint what that might be. Little did I anticipate that a simple idea—shooting a calendar featuring dyslexic celebrities—would swiftly transform from a concept into reality, marking the commencement of a collaborative journey within a week.

Johnathon stands out as a rare individual who prioritizes others above himself. Since our initial meeting, I've gained valuable insights, learning to be a better man, a better person, and a more proficient professional, teaching me to talk to my actor clients like a director, as opposed to a photographer. I eagerly anticipate furthering our friendship, expanding our collaborative efforts, and embarking on future projects that contribute to the well-being of others.

He is a Baltimore Ravens fan though, but nobody is perfect...

Go Bengals! Who-dey!