Describing Kenny Johnson as a genuine and kind soul is an understatement. Despite my travel mishaps—delays, rerouting, and being significantly behind schedule due to unforeseen circumstances—I arrived an hour late to our photoshoot. I had promised Kenny that I was on my way, and even bribed my Uber driver to take the express lane and speed if necessary. Eventually, I made it on set, where Kenny patiently awaited my arrival. I apologized profusely and he assured me it was nothing to worry about.

After a brief chat while I set up the lighting, getting to know one another (as I usually do), we delved straight into our work. As the shoot progressed, Kenny gradually opened up, and we managed to capture some truly stunning shots. The turning point came when Kenny, who typically disliked photoshoots, expressed how much fun he was having, particularly as we worked to the soundtrack of 90s rock and grunge music. Both of us take pride in the work we accomplished together, and I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with Kenny again. He's my kind of people and have made a point to keep in touch with him.