Michael O'Hearn

american gladiator | actor | ENTREPRENEUR

Michael is one of those guys you're lucky if you get to know him. Even if it's just briefly. His positive attitude and genuine spirit brought an undeniable authenticity to our photoshoot. From the moment I arrived at his home, a wave of creative ideas began to flow. However, I wasn't quite prepared for his impressive size. My mobile studio, modest in size, almost wasn't big enough to fit him! Not sure what I expected when working with a professional body builder. Lesson learned!

As the shoot progressed, we continued to generate more and more creative ideas. It evolved into a genuinely fun and inventive experience. Mike's enthusiasm for the creative process became our secret weapon, playing a pivotal role in the success of the shoot. Despite the challenges posed by his size in relation to my backdrop setup, capturing images of Mike proved to be a breeze, thanks to his easygoing nature and creative spirit. The collaboration resulted in some truly remarkable shots.

I have since invested in a larger backdrop for future body builders, pro athletes and the Incredible Hulk. Just incase...