Nana Visitor

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Collaborating with Nana proved to be one of the most gratifying experiences I've had with a client. Our initial meeting over lunch near her Los Angeles home served as an icebreaker, allowing us to familiarize ourselves with one another. Until that point, our interactions had been limited to friendly banter through email. Surprisingly, over an incredible meal, we discovered numerous shared interests and conversed as if we had been friends for years. This connection became a valuable asset during our subsequent shoot.

Upon returning to her home for the shoot, we seamlessly transitioned into work mode. The photoshoot unfolded alongside engaging conversation, spanning topics from her time on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to anecdotes about her husband's prowess as a grill master. The results showcased below are the outcome of two individuals who quickly, and genuinely, enjoyed working together and relished each other's company. I'm proud to call Nana a friend and look forward in seeing what the future holds for her.