rena petrucci

lead guitarist of meanstreak

This inaugural photoshoot with the metal band Meanstreak (at least two-fifths of it) was truly unforgettable. Rena and I had exchanged texts and had a video conference beforehand to brainstorm ideas and discuss the band's requirements as a whole.

However, the real excitement kicked in once we began the actual shoot. We jetted off to a studio I frequently utilize in Los Angeles. While Rena was in makeup with Karissa, I was in the studio meticulously planning not just the shot list, but also the playlist! I aimed for a relaxed, fun atmosphere, essential for capturing the candid shots I envisioned.

When Rena emerged in her first wardrobe, I cranked up the tunes, and we got down to business! She was incredibly cooperative and easy to collaborate with. Let's face it, not many people, regardless of their fame, enjoy being in front of the camera. But it's my responsibility to make it appear as though they do, and Rena made my job a breeze.

The images we captured during our initial shoot, the first of what I'm certain will be many, reflect the seamless synergy we shared. Already, plans are in motion for shoot number two.

Rena Petrucci

After seeing Aaron’s previous work I knew that that our shoot would be a success. What I didn’t know was how much fun it would be! He’s a super nice guy who really gets how to put you at ease and get the most realistic and expressive shots possible. Aaron is truly a master of his craft!