Vince Neil

lead singer of Mötley Crüe

What an unexpected photoshoot to find myself undertaking, and what an incredible honor it turned out to be! As usual, the session took place at the client's home, and if you're imagining a rockstar's residence filled with sports cars, guitars, and cool lighting, you've got it exactly right. After all, Vince Neil is the rockstar of rockstars!

Early on, we discovered our shared appreciation for motorsports, and it seemed like our conversations revolved more around racing than anything else. We'd pause to capture a few shots, delve into discussions about racing, then resume the cycle. After the shoot, Vince took the time to showcase his car collection to me, his 1996 Jeff Gordon Winston Cup, a new F1 car he had recently acquired and really anything else I was curious about. It's hard to convey just how enjoyable and fun this shoot turned out to be. What a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.