Whoopi Goldberg

Ghost, Sister Act, The Color Purple, Star Trek: The next generation, the View

My unexpected and delightful photoshoot with Whoopi unfolded at her office in New York City, a choice location that exuded creativity and openness with its vibrant colors and spacious design.

As Whoopi entered the conference room where I had set up my studio, her bright smile and welcoming energy set the tone for a productive session. I shared my vision for the shoot, and without hesitation, we dived into the creative process. Simplicity can be intricate, but Whoopi intuitively grasped the essence of what I sought from her.

Towards the conclusion of the shoot, we delved into a discussion about her memorable character, Guinan, from Star Trek: The Next Generation—a personal favorite of mine. I expressed my desire for a shot that captured Guinan's warmth and positivity. Without words, Whoopi extended her hand with a subtle smile, and in that moment, I knew I had captured precisely what I envisioned.

To say that I am proud of this brief yet impactful shoot would be an understatement.