Yael Rallis

drummer of meanstreak / Director of "the love Project Journey"

Yael and I crossed paths on Instagram, a scenario that might sound cliché but nevertheless led to an exciting connection. I've been aware of her band Meanstreak for years, but they truly caught my attention again when they embarked on a tour in 2023 supporting guitar legend, John Petrucci.

As Yael and I conversed, the idea of collaborating began to take shape. With Meanstreak reemerging on the scene and eager to progress, we both saw potential for me to serve as a sort of secret weapon, aiding in their ongoing journey to elevate their band and brand.

I traveled to LA to meet Yael and her lead guitarist, Rena, laying the groundwork for our partnership. Prior to this meeting, we had already bonded over several phone calls, and trading stories as fellow touring drummers. The synergy between us was palpable even before my plane touched down.

What caught me off guard, however, was Yael's incredible energy on set. It was evident that she had experience with shoots in the past, but it was her infectious enthusiasm and vibrant personality that truly made our collaboration a resounding success.

Yael Rallis

It's rare to come across somebody that’s just plain ol’ cool and shares a vision right outta the gate.

Aaron thinks BIG - He's not tied down to any rules - besides having fun at the shoot! He didn’t have 100 lights & umbrellas everywhere with 8 people on set.

The synergy & comfort that resonated from the first phone call was just amplified in person. I am honored that we had the opportunity to work together and hope to collaborate more in the near future.